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Step Forward 2018

Tommy Johnson
Loveland, OH
Beneficiary: City Gospel Mission
Cincinnati, OH
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Deadline is Jun. 30, 2018 (131 Days Left)
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Welcome to My Page

I want to thank you for checking this site out. I am raising money for the Step Forward Program through the City Gospel Mission. This program has helped many in the Cincinnati region escape addiction and poverty. The men and women that participate in this program (training to run or walk the Flying Pig) beat addiction and return to their families and have jobs by over a 2 to 1 margin compared to the national average. You can get more detailed information at The City Gospel Mission website (listed below). I’m doing this to provide love and encouragement to the participants as well as using my skills as a Physical Therapist to help the participants who have injuries and want to keep going. I will be participating in the 5K walk as well.

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jeff schafer
Raised: $1,025
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Victoria Magliano
Raised: $550
Goal: $1,000
Bruce Kazich
Raised: $475
Goal: $1,000
Tommy Johnson
Raised: $425
Goal: $500
Matthew Petersen
Raised: $315
Goal: $1,000

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