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2018 Orlando Laps For Life--Team Taglia

Beneficiary: Orlando Laps for Life
Altamonte Springs, FL
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Deadline is Mar. 10, 2018 (20 Days Left)
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Welcome to My Page

Well, here we go again. It's Laps for Life time. My personal goal is to raise 5,000 for the K of C Ultrasound Initiative. This money will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR by the K of C Supreme (Home Office) to provide ultrasound equipment for counseling centers. Last year you (collectively) helped me raise just under 4,000. There is no reason we cannot exceed that figure. Statistically, when a woman sees the ultrasound, over 90% of the time she chooses life. Our goal is to protect life from conception to natural death. We must recognize that human life at all stages from conception through natural death is sacred. Here we are protecting perhaps the most defenseless...the unborn.

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Top Walker/Runners

Luis Rosas
Raised: $1,625
Goal: $3,000
Raised: $1,500
Goal: $5,000
Tony Colamarino
Raised: $1,094.77
Goal: $2,625
Paul Romero
Raised: $780
Goal: $5,000
Raised: $625
Goal: $2,000

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