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Walk for Life

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Walk for Life

Pregnancy Resource Center Of Athens County Logo


Contact: Rachel Esselburn


Pregnancy Resource Center Of Athens County


The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) is a non-profit, faith-based organization that seeks to empower individuals to make informed choices concerning pregnancy and sexual health through life-affirming education. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care and practical assistance to those facing an untimely pregnancy and are committed to presenting the hope that Jesus Christ offers in both word and deed. Open since the Spring of 2003 and having already seen approximately 3,200 clients, the PRC continues to serve those dealing with the challenges of both pregnancy and parenting. All proceeds from the Walk will aid in the provision of medical services, supplies, and staff, and will provide the following services FREE of charge:

  • Early Pregnancy Tests (Immediate Results)
  • Factual Information (Pregnancy & Fetal Development, Abortion & Alternatives)
  • Peer Counseling (Understanding Feelings, Options & Circumstances)
  • Practical Assistance (Maternity/Infant Clothing & Furnishings)
  • Earn While You Learn (Pregnancy & Parenting Program)
  • Post-Abortion Support (For Men & Women)
  • Sexual Health, Fertility & Relationship Counseling
  • Referrals for Ultrasound/Medical Care, Housing, Financial & Legal Aid, Adoption & Adoption Preparation
  • 24-Hour Help Line
  • Relationships Under Construction (in-school program)
  • Campus Outreach/Student Group
  • Memorial for the Unborn